• How to choose welding positioner correctly

    Nowadays, positioner is a very young product. Many manufacturing industries need positioner. Therefore, it is wise to select the required products wisely in this highly demanding environment. As the manufacturer of welding positioner, the selection of welding positioner will be introduced. 1. Selection of structure welding positioner (1) according to the characteristics of bulldozer rear axle box and excavator x structure and other welding structure parts, select the appropriate welding positioner, which can use L-type double rotation welding positioner, and the bulldozer chassis can use the welding positioner of roller chassis type. Excavator bucket welding positioner can be planned as C-type double


  • Selection method of welding equipment

    Welding equipment refers to the weapon equipment required to maintain the welding process. Welding equipment includes welding machine, welding process weapon equipment and welding auxiliary equipment. In China, the design scheme and manufacturing of universal welding equipment have a long history, and a series of relevant national industry standards and national standards have been implemented, which plays a key role in promoting the development trend of general welding equipment processing and manufacturing industry and ensuring the quality and reliability of welding equipment. The selection of welding equipment is a key content in the formulation of welding process, involving many elements, but we should pay attention to the following many levels of elements.   


  • How to choose a suitable laser welding machine

    For laser welding machine equipment, different configurations correspond to different effects. However, in many businesses, is it right to choose the more expensive and better laser welding machine equipment? The answer is No. So how to choose the laser welding machine equipment is appropriate? Before customers choose laser welding machine equipment, the idea to define is that the selected laser welding machine equipment can meet my needs, can achieve my processing effect, and can bring benefits to me, such equipment is what I want. However, for laser welding machine manufacturers, the price positioning of laser equipment has high-end and low-end


  • Brief introduction of welding equipment of welding robot

    For transformers with small capacity, 50 Hz power frequency AC can be used, while for transformers with larger capacity, inverter technology has been used to convert 50 Hz power frequency AC into 600 ~ 700 Hz AC, so as to reduce the volume of transformer. After the voltage transformation, it can be directly welded with 600 ~ 700Hz alternating current, or secondary rectification and direct current welding. The welding parameters are adjusted by timer. The new timer has been computerized. Therefore, the robot control cabinet can directly control the timer without additional interface. The welding tongs of spot welding robot usually use pneumatic welding tongs, which are between the two electrodes


  • How to avoid welding problems

    As we all know, there are many enterprises applying welding robots in the welding industry. That's because robots not only have high production efficiency, but also have many advantages. This is also an important reason why enterprises use welding robots to replace traditional handwork. First of all, we should know that this yellow thing is actually the impurity in the welding wire and welding base metal. The main reason is that the high-temperature oxidation of silicon manganese element reacts with the CO2 in the maintenance gas during the welding process to differentiate into oxides formed by silicon oxide and manganese oxide, which is a little similar to the welding slag of manual welding rod. Although these phenomena can occur even if welding robot is used, but these oxidation


  • How to choose welding robot power supply

    In view of the problems in the trial process, combined with the raw materials, shape characteristics, scale accuracy requirements, weld length and position characteristics, welding workload and robot working power, the welding robot system selects the full digital pulse gas maintenance welding power supply, namely pulse MIG welding process power supply. As we all know, the accuracy of arc control in the welding process determines the better the welding quality. Due to the use of digital technology in the full digital pulse gas maintenance welding power supply, the reaction time of the control system is reduced by several orders of magnitude compared with the traditional welding machine, and the reaction time is improved


  • Understand the functions of welding robot

    With the development of technology, the welding robot can be used in more and more fields, so with the development of technology, what aspects will be carried out in the future? 1. The more intelligent control system and the development of computer microelectronics promote the development of active welding skills. In particular, the introduction of numerical control skills and information processing skills promoted the breakthrough of welding automation skills; 2, carried out a number of discussions on the best control methods, including linear and various nonlinear control. The most representative is the fuzzy control and neural network control of welding process; 3, welding technology


  • Requirements for welding materials in steel structure welding

    The mechanical properties of deposited metal in welding data shall not be lower than the lower limit value of corresponding base metal standards or meet the requirements of design documents. [clarify] welding data has a serious impact on the safety of welded structure, and its composition, physical properties and process performance should conform to the rules of corresponding national standards, and the construction enterprises should adopt the sampling method for verification. 1. Welding data shall be stored in a dry and well ventilated place, and shall be kept, dried, distributed and recovered by special personnel with specific records. [clarify] the storage requirements of welding data are to avoid corrosion, damp, deterioration and even falling of welding data, which will affect normal operation


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