• Two different modes of laser welding

    When using a laser welding machine for laser welding, there are two different ways or the energy can be transferred from the laser to the welding data. Depending on the power density, which is the power factor of the laser and the weld area, the laser welding method can be in the form of conduction or keyhole. You may be familiar with it now because it is a form of keyhole that is often used in craft welding. It should be emphasized that the type of welding that is occurring is determined by the amount of power being transferred to the substrate, and the nature of the information being welded. The primary difference between the two laser welding methods is that the energy is


  • How to clean the welding roller frame?

    Welding roller frame is often used in our industrial production, but it is also easy to get dirty, especially the bottom of the frame, which is difficult to clean. The following intelligent product series will show you how to clean the bottom of the drum structure, clean the bottom of the drum structure? The cleaning of roller frame needs special cleaning agent. Before cleaning, remove the other disassembled parts of support wheel and tube wheel; put the disassembled parts into the container, and add professional detergent and water in the ratio of 1:5 to facilitate cleaning and pay attention to immersion. Do not soak for too long; use a clean cloth dipped in 1:5 mixed detergent to scrub all drum structures, and then


  • Preparation for welding stainless steel pipe

    No matter what product must have certain preparation and inspection, so before welding stainless steel pipe. Targeted preparations should be made. This preparation is an important part to ensure the welding quality. The content is mainly considered from the following three aspects: the recognition of the skills of stainless steel welded pipe welding operators. It is necessary for welders engaged in welding operations to work with certificates and strictly follow the allowable welding items indicated on the operation certificate. The welders should have more than two years\' welding experience of stainless steel or chromium molybdenum steel, and the treatment of welding materials and welding rods should be in accordance with the operation instructions before use Baking (if there are no rules, the drying temperature is generally 15


  • The thickness of workpiece should be set when using welding equipment

    Before using manual flume welding equipment, it is necessary to check the voltage and current. In order to ensure that it is within the rated power range of the machine, it should not be too high or too low. However, only under normal conditions, welding will definitely affect. As long as ability is used, it can guarantee the function. Also pay attention to the parameter setting of welding machine, which needs to be set according to different workpiece and different thickness. In particular, the welding speed of the welding machine should not be too fast, otherwise it will affect the welding quality, and of course, it should not be too slow, which will not only reduce the work efficiency, but also cause big scars. The welded parts shall be uniform. Welding speed. In fact, in the setting of welding


  • Function of silicon controlled rectifier in resistance welding machine

    What is the function of SCR in resistance welding machine? It is widely used in automatic control, electromechanical field, industrial electrical and household appliances. Thyristor is an active switching element, which is usually kept in the non channel state until it is triggered or \"lit\" by less control signals. Once lit, it will hold the channel through even if the trigger signal is evacuated, and then it can be cut off by increasing a reverse voltage between its anode and cathode, perhaps reducing the current flowing through the thyristor diode to a certain value. Resistance welding machine is to press the welding workpiece between two electrodes and apply current. It passes through the contact surface and adjacent area of the workpiece


  • How to use automatic welding equipment in all position welding

    First, the active welding equipment is applied in omni-directional welding, and the rotating pair driving method is adopted for welding performing parts, which can flexibly and reasonably change the welding torch posture, which is conducive to the all-round welding operation. When the same welding parts are driven together, the motor power can also be reduced. In the application, the sensor of welding orientation is installed on the final reduction shaft, so as to detect the welding gun orientation. Adopting this installation method, the control accuracy is relatively high. In addition, with the help of this memory in the full active welding equipment, some welding process parameters and welding seam tracking control program are stored


  • Daily maintenance of automatic welding machine

    There are many classification methods of welding, which can be divided into fusion welding, pressure welding and brazing according to their process characteristics: 1. Fusion welding is the abbreviation of fusion welding, which heats the joint part of two weldments to the melting state, participates in (or does not participate in) filler metal, and makes it cool and condense into a whole under no pressure, so as to complete the welding. Gas welding, shielded metal arc welding, submerged arc welding, Co: gas maintenance welding, ammonia arc welding (tungsten argon arc welding, melting electrode argon arc welding), electroslag welding, electron beam welding, laser welding, plasma arc welding and other welding methods belong to fusion welding. Fusion welding


  • What is the difference between domestic and foreign straight seam welding machines?

    There are many ways of longitudinal welding machine, so different welding power sources should be used according to different workpiece shape, size, raw material, thickness and welding forming requirements. According to the daily practice, this paper sums up the following points about the welding heat source of the longitudinal welding machine: plasma arc welding plasma arc welding is an inert gas maintenance arc welding, which uses the tight arc between the electrode and the workpiece for welding, and the electrode used is usually tungsten electrode. The plasma gas for plasma arc can be argon, nitrogen, helium or their mixture. Also through the nozzle with inert gas maintenance, welding can choose whether to fill


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