• How to choose welding positioner correctly

    Nowadays, positioner is a very young product. Many manufacturing industries need positioner. Therefore, it is wise to select the required products wisely in this highly demanding environment. As the manufacturer of welding positioner, the selection of welding positioner will be introduced. 1. Selection of structure welding positioner (1) according to the characteristics of bulldozer rear axle box and excavator x structure and other welding structure parts, select the appropriate welding positioner, which can use L-type double rotation welding positioner, and the bulldozer chassis can use the welding positioner of roller chassis type. Excavator bucket welding positioner can be planned as C-type double


  • What are the characteristics of flux

    &Welding materials usually contain flux. Flux is usually a mixture of rosin as the main component, which is the auxiliary material to ensure the smooth welding process. The main function of flux is to remove the oxide on the surface of solder and base metal (material) to make the metal surface reach the necessary cleanliness. It can prevent the re oxidation of the surface during welding, reduce the surface tension of solder and improve the welding performance. The performance of flux directly affects the quality of electronic products. Flux has the following characteristics: 1) wetting (transverse flow): also known as wetting, refers to the formation of uniform and smooth molten solder on the metal surface


  • Selection method of welding equipment

    Welding equipment refers to the weapon equipment required to maintain the welding process. Welding equipment includes welding machine, welding process weapon equipment and welding auxiliary equipment. In China, the design scheme and manufacturing of universal welding equipment have a long history, and a series of relevant national industry standards and national standards have been implemented, which plays a key role in promoting the development trend of general welding equipment processing and manufacturing industry and ensuring the quality and reliability of welding equipment. The selection of welding equipment is a key content in the formulation of welding process, involving many elements, but we should pay attention to the following many levels of elements.   


  • The way of welding robot controlling molten pool temperature

    From the existing technology point of view, it is no longer a problem to realize the automation and intelligence of welding machine. The appearance of welding robot is a good proof. Even so, some of the core parts are strictly controlled, such as temperature. Because the temperature of its molten pool will directly affect the welding quality, and there are many interference factors, so it is difficult to control. However, the following measures are more effective, including: according to the space position of the welding seam and the welding level, select the appropriate welding current and electrode diameter for the welding robot, for example, when the welding is opened, it can be larger


  • Precautions for selecting welding materials

    1. Stainless steel welding strip can be divided into two types: titanium calcium type and low hydrogen type. DC power supply should be used for welding current during welding, which is helpful to overcome the redness of welding rod and penetration. The titanium calcium type coating welding material is not suitable for all-round welding requirements, only suitable for flat welding and fillet welding. 2. The surface of stainless steel electrode should be kept dry when it is used. In order to prevent surface cracks, pores, pits and other issues. Do not repeatedly dry, otherwise the coating will fall off easily. 3. The welding joint of welding materials should be cleaned to prevent the welding rod from being stained with dirt, which will affect the welding quality. 4. Prevention


  • How to choose a suitable laser welding machine

    For laser welding machine equipment, different configurations correspond to different effects. However, in many businesses, is it right to choose the more expensive and better laser welding machine equipment? The answer is No. So how to choose the laser welding machine equipment is appropriate? Before customers choose laser welding machine equipment, the idea to define is that the selected laser welding machine equipment can meet my needs, can achieve my processing effect, and can bring benefits to me, such equipment is what I want. However, for laser welding machine manufacturers, the price positioning of laser equipment has high-end and low-end


  • What are the technical requirements for welding machines

    Many people do not understand the welding machine. In fact, the welding machine is a new functional form formed by the combination of welding roller carrier and welding positioner, but it is not a simple external combination. Jiangmen Zhisheng will introduce some technical requirements of welding machine for you. Through these requirements, I hope you can have a general understanding of the welding machine. Similar to the welding positioner, the welding operator has the same technical requirements as the welding positioner. The contents are as follows: 1. The first technical requirement of the welding machine is the rotary drive. (1) the rotary drive should realize stepless speed regulation and be reversible.   (


  • The importance of welding wire selection in welding

    Do you know what requirements welding robot has for welding wire? Let's talk about the requirements of welding robot for welding wire. Welding robot can choose welding wire in barrel or in plate according to the needs. In order to reduce the frequency of changing welding wire, welding robot should choose barrel welding wire. However, due to the use of barrel welding wire, the feeding hose is very long and the resistance is high, so the quality requirements of welding wire stiffness are high. When the welding wire with poor copper plating quality is used, the copper plating on the surface of the welding wire will reduce the volume of the pipe due to friction, and the resistance will increase when the wire is fed at high speed. The welding wire can not be sent out smoothly, resulting in shaking, which makes the arc unstable and affects the weld quality. In severe cases


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