Understand the functions of welding robot

2020-03-07 10:38:03

With the development of technology, the welding robot can be used in more and more fields, so with the development of technology, what aspects will be carried out in the future?

1. The control system is becoming more intelligent

The development of electronic skills and computer microelectronics promotes the development of active welding skills. In particular, the introduction of numerical control skills and information processing skills promoted the breakthrough of welding initiative skills;

2. Carry out a number of discussions on the best control method

It's linear and nonlinear. The most representative ones are fuzzy control and neural network control of welding process;


3. Flexible progress of welding skills

All kinds of optical mechanical and electrical skills and welding skills are organically combined to complete the flexibility of welding. Numerical control skills with a variety of welding machinery and equipment, to improve the level of flexibility, like polishing more lubrication;

4. Effective combination of welding robot and expert system

Complete the "three initiatives": actively change the path planning, actively correct the trajectory direction, and actively control the melting depth;

5. Improve the reliability and quality stability of welding power source, as well as dynamic performance.

The development and research of arc movement, wire feeding and torch posture can make welding skills evolve from skills to scientific direction.

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