How to maintain manual water tank welding equipment

2020-02-18 09:10:36

The maintenance of welding roller carrier should pay attention to the following points:

1. Check whether the external environment meets the requirements without interference of foreign matters;

2. No abnormal noise, sensation and smell during power on and air running;

3. Check whether the bolts at the mechanical joints are loose. If they are loose, they can be used after being tightened;

4. Check whether the hydraulic system works normally;


5. Check whether the roller rotates normally;

6. The self-adjusting roller carrier shall be installed in a firm, ventilated, rainproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof place, and shall be far away from the place with violent sensation and fluctuation. It is forbidden to spray corrosive liquid on the equipment;

7. It is forbidden to spray corrosive liquid on the equipment. When the main and driven roller frames are installed together, it is necessary to ensure that the main and driven frames are at the same height, and the center line is located on the same line, and the diagonal line of the main and driven frames shall be measured for adjustment;

8. Requirements for placing the workpiece: the diameter and weight of the workpiece shall be strictly in accordance with the planning provisions, otherwise, safety accidents may occur. According to the length of the equipment, the distance between the main and auxiliary wheels shall be properly adjusted;

9. When using, the roller should fully touch the workpiece, and it is forbidden to touch the weld or sharp parts. Together, when lifting the workpiece, it is forbidden to hit the roller to prevent damage to the roller or other parts. If the equipment is not fixed, strong impact is likely to cause the whole machine to overturn.

This article comes from the manual welding equipment of water tank

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