Daily maintenance of straight seam welding machine

2019-12-20 13:48:29

The straight seam welding machine is a kind of high quality, high efficiency and non deformation universal active welding equipment, which can complete the butt longitudinal seam welding of thin-walled cylinder with wall thickness of 0.5mm-6mm, conical cylinder, flat plate or square box with one end open. The straight seam welding machine can be used for high quality welding of carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum and its alloys. The main welding machine adopts cantilever structure, and the two cantilever beams are annealed and stress removed after welding to ensure long-term deformation of the beam. Pneumatic piano key type pressing structure is closely arranged along both sides of the straight seam to ensure that the butt weld is uniformly compressed within the whole welding length; the spacing between left and right piano key pressing fingers can be adjusted to adapt to the welding of different workpieces. According to the thickness and size of the workpiece, the cylinder type is selected to ensure that there is enough pressing force to prevent thermal deformation during welding; the cylinder lifting is selected for welding gun, and fine adjustment can be made in X / Y direction. The welding mandrel is inlaid with copper mould to protect the weld seam from backgas;

According to the cylinder or plate workpiece processing different welding process groove, to achieve one-sided welding double-sided forming. The distance between the welding mandrel and the press finger of the piano key can be adjusted to meet the welding requirements of different workpieces; the workpiece center positioning can be pneumatic or manual. Accurate positioning and convenient operation. The welding gun is driven by DC servo motor and driven by rack and pinion. The track surface is grinded, which makes the welding stable and reliable. All air pipes and cables shall be placed in the drag chain, with neat and beautiful appearance, and at the same time, the cable shall be prevented from being broken. The whole machine adopts imported PLC control, DC motor drive, adjustable speed, one key operation, suitable for a variety of welding processes MAG / MIG / TIG / CO2.


The following are the daily protection and maintenance precautions of the straight seam welding machine: 1. After the welding operation of each shift is completed, the welding spatter on the equipment shall be cleaned. 2. Keep enough lubricating oil in the atomizer, and the amount of oil mist drops is appropriate. 3. Keep the interface of the rotating parts of the equipment and the surface of the cylinder piston rod clean, excellent lubrication. 4. Replace the new lubricating oil after the reducer runs for 400 hours for the first time, and then replace the lubricating oil every 4000 hours. 5. Regularly check the content and quality of the lubricating oil of the reducer, keep the oil that meets the requirements, and replace the new oil in time. The oil filling amount of the reducer shall be stopped according to the requirements in the table below G-n460 worm gear oil 7. During the oil change process, the worm gear should be cleaned with oil with the same trademark as that during operation. Kerosene, gasoline, etc., which may damage the seal, are prohibited. 8. During normal operation, the maximum temperature of the lubricating oil should be less than 100 degrees. When the temperature exceeds or the temperature rise changes abnormally, abnormal noise occurs, the vehicle should be parked immediately.

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