Three differences between automatic welding and manual welding of grid steel structure

2019-12-20 13:51:07

1. The decrease of labor intensity. When the traditional craft welding is produced, the welding workers should adhere to the welding posture for 8 hours, and observe the welding situation all the time, and the working condition is tense. For the active welding machine, the workers only need to operate the button briefly and be responsible for loading and unloading the workpiece for the welding machine at the end of each pipe fitting welding. In the welding process of active welding machine, it is only necessary to observe the welding quality. It can be seen that the active welding process can make all the operators rest and relax, which can greatly reduce the fatigue degree of workers. It makes it feasible for workers to work overtime, and the production of multiple shifts is also simple.


2. Product quality improvement: the traditional welding process is steam shielded welding. The welding quality is related to the proficiency, fatigue and sense of responsibility of the workers. Most of the workers' income is piecework wage, so the quality is unstable. However, the active welding machine only needs to set the voltage, current and other data according to the needs, and the quality of the prepared workpiece is the same, and the quality of the welding is completely consistent Chang'an is stable. Can save a lot of quality sampling time. Further improve the production efficiency, together with active welding, due to the mechanical control, the weld appearance is neat and beautiful, more simple by the owner's favor.

3. Capacity expansion: first of all, after the active welding machine is selected, four welding workers in each production line of the original craft welding process can operate two active welding machines. By comparison, it is found that each of the four skilled welders can process 10-12 tons of grid members per day, while two skilled welders can produce 7-9 tons per day with active welding process. It can be seen that the output value of mechanical automation is about 1.5 times of that in the past, and the efficiency has been greatly improved. Moreover, the new employees can quickly become skilled operators after simple training, which makes it possible for the workers to fulfill the work shift rules. This has become a reality for the factory to accept the sudden addition of production tasks, and the processing capacity of the processing plant has been rapidly expanded.

This article comes from the manual welding equipment of water tank

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