Features of automatic welding machine for flume

2019-12-20 13:58:33

Water tank acid and alkali resistant, oxidation resistant, beautiful surface! Today, we will introduce the welding process of the sink!

From the perspective of flume shopping malls, there are three kinds of integral stamping (also known as overall stretching or conjoined stretching), roll welding (also known as bottom welding) and butt welding. Both of them belong to the welding basin.

Most of the products are produced by roll welding process, which is mainly to stretch two single groove tanks, then press a panel, weld the two tanks to the panel, and then grind them. In the process, the requirements for tank stretching equipment are low. Generally, hydraulic equipment within 500 tons can be produced. However, the welding and grinding process requirements are relatively high. Generally, domestic brands choose manual rolling welding and manual grinding. The joint of tank body and panel is rough, and there is often false welding. All imported brands use CNC welding and CNC grinding to eliminate false welding, and the polished seam is very smooth and beautiful.

The benefits of roll welding are:

1. The shape of the water tank panel can be diversified, and the investment cost of the mold produced by the factory is small (the tank body mold can be shared);

2. The sink panel can be made of drawing raw material or embossing material, which is beautiful and generous.

3. It can make tank body with small R angle, close to square, and has more space for application.


The disadvantages of roll welding are as follows:

1. The welding process is harmful to stainless steel. The austenitic molecular structure of stainless steel is briefly broken, and the corrosion resistance function is reduced.

2. Welding and grinding process requirements are high, and general equipment is difficult to perform.

3. Large waste of materials and high cost.

1. Welding target: four square workpieces, such as star basin, water tank and wash basin, are welded at four corners. Star basin is divided into 90 degree right angle and R20 arc angle. Different spindles can be planned separately to meet the welding requirements. The welding parts have beautiful appearance, uniform texture, weld width, concave and convex. There is no trace after polishing.

2. Cantilever single column structure is selected, which is mainly composed of bed, pneumatic pressing plate clamp, beam guide rail, mandrel, electric carriage, pneumatic lifting arrangement of welding gun, two-dimensional scheduling arrangement of welding gun, gas circuit system and electrical control system.

3. The pneumatic fixture compaction planning ensures that the whole welding length and scale can eliminate the gap in the process of uniformly pressing the workpiece. The red copper backing plate ensures the reverse side formation of the weld and meets the requirements of high-quality welding. The main shaft is equipped with water cooling pipe, which can help the workpiece heat dissipation during welding.

4. Pneumatic lifting arrangement is selected for welding gun, which can be scheduled up and down, left and right.

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