What is the difference between domestic and foreign straight seam welding machines?

2019-12-20 13:59:55

Now in our country, although the series of welding machines with independent intellectual property rights can not be produced in batch, there are several main reasons for the formation of planning

Domestic straight seam welding machine price has no advantage. In the past 10 years, the price of imported straight seam welding machines has dropped greatly, from US $70000-80000 per set to US $20000-30000, which makes it difficult for China's general industrial straight seam welding machines to compete with them in price. In particular, in theinitial stage of research and development of longitudinal welding machine in China, there was no synchronous development of corresponding parts industry, such as servo motor, reducer, etc., which made it difficult to reduce the price, so the production cost of straight seam welding machine could not be reduced;the level of welding equipment in China is still far away from that of foreign countries, which indirectly affects the development of domestic straight seam welding machine. As for the largest user of the straight seam welding machine, the automobile body in white factory, now almost all the equipment is imported from abroad,and the domestic straight seam welding machine can hardly find the stage for performance.

We should admit that there is still a certain distance between domestic and foreign companies in terms of control level and reliability. Foreign industrial straight seam welding machine is a very mature industrial product, which has been developed for more than 30 years, and has been constantly improved and improved in the actual production, whileChina is in a single piece and small batch production state.


Domestic manufacturers of straight seam welding machines are in their infancy, and need the support of government policies and funds. Welding straight seam welding machine is a mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech products,only relying on the enterprise's own ability is not enough. The government is required to give certain policies and financial support to the enterprises producing longitudinal welding machines and enterprises using domestic longitudinal welding machine system, so as to speed up the development of domestic longitudinal welding machines in China.

In the welding parts with relatively simple process, the welding straight seam welding machine made in China has a strong competitive advantage. And the structure is simple, the technical requirements for workers are relatively low, and the repair cost is relatively low.

In the imported straight seam welding machine, the welding of disordered workpieces can be realized. There are strong technical requirements for operators and repairmen. The accessories are relatively expensive and it is difficult to supply them in time.

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