Daily maintenance of automatic welding machine

2019-12-20 14:01:26

Daily maintenance of automatic welding machine:

1. The chain in the operator of automatic welding machine is a vulnerable part, which should be removed at least once a year for inspection and timely treatment.

2. The sensitivity and reliability of each travel switch should be checked frequently to prevent looseness and damage.

3. The circuit connector should be checked frequently, and the connection should be firm and reliable.

4. Dust in workstation controller and hand operator should be blown with compressed air once every three months


5. Check the electrical appliances, knobs and switches frequently, and keep clean and good contact to prevent misoperation.

6. The moving parts such as guide rail, sliding frame, lead screw and nut are often checked and arranged to prevent dust accumulation from affecting the sensitive movement of moving parts.

7. The joint surface of each sliding guide rail is not allowed to collide and wear. Lead screw, rack and other key moving parts should often check to prevent wear.

8. All moving parts, guide rails and rollers of the automatic welding operator shall be coated with lubricating grease, and the closed transmission parts shall be filled with lubricating oil, so as to keep the parts moving sensitively; the key point is to protect the flat center wheel and eccentric wheel parts to ensure their fastening and ensurethe horizontal arm movement straight.

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